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This is the page for my work in collaboration with Nucleus Arts and... Medway

When the pandemic hit last year, I really wanted to put out a message of hope to Medway. Using the Medway towns’ motto “forward together” seemed fitting and I created each letter of the words in wood. Originally, I had thought a lot about where they could be a fixed installation but over time the project has developed and it’s become clear that “forward together” can be many places and in doing so can reach more people and celebrate all the things we associate with Medway (and perhaps appreciate a bit more since the lockdowns!) 

Nucleus Arts were enthusiastic and supportive from the beginning and this is definitely a collab! 

We've had to get (even more) creative since the third lockdown, and so now we're asking for local people to create their own Forward Together art work.

We're also seeking invitations from local organisations and locations who could host the letters for a photograph or longer!

I'll be sharing our progress here.

If you would like to suggest a place for our message to visit, please get in touch.  


Latest Updates

Join the collab!

Download the line drawing of FORWARD TOGETHER to create your own hopeful art work. You could use colour, collage or cut out and place the letters over a favourite local landmark. By displaying your creation in your window, and sharing it on social media, you can add your voice of support to our community and support our Medway 2025 bid.
Share your works to @NucleusArts on Instagram and facebook and use the hashtags #ForwardTogether #Medway2025

Forward Together for Medway's 2025 city of culture bid!

Creativity has been an important support for many of us throughout C19, and I believe that a successful Medway City of Culture bid would be even more impactful now as we look to support local businesses, celebrate Medway’s rich history and engage with the arts. Find out more about Medway 2025.

Letters in lockdown

The Medway letters are being Covid safe and staying put at Nucleus Art's Heart Centre in the Pentagon Chatham. If you pass them on your essential shop or daily exercise let us know what you think! 
@NucleusArts #ForwardTogether #Medway2025


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